I am a psychological skills trainer for athletes, helping them to understand the mental part of the performance. I work for the athlete or the trainer who wants to GROW, get CLEAR and STAY FOCUSED. Some of the issues I work with:

  • Why am I not getting better, growing or getting the results I want?
  • Negative thoughts, critical self-talk and not being able to find confidence.
  • Confusion of why am I as an athlete doing this (sport), managing expectations and getting clear about what it means to be an athlete.
  • Working with reasonably challenging goals, plans and strategies.
  • COMMUNICATION! With yourself, the team, the sports coach and federation.
  • Routines, self-talk plans, imagery to manages stress, enhance performance.
  • Managing visibility, self-presentation and media.


I have a background of working with executives, CEOs&Founders from business arena who haveĀ  high risk positions, highly educated and always striving for maximum results. I usually work with people who have high expectations for the work they do and who want to get better at managing and understanding self and using mental power to stay and grow in the game of sports.

I am also a kayaker and constantly working on my own skills, I value versatility and knowledge.

If you want to work with me, take contact.