About the blog


My "green leaf" kayak
My “green leaf” kayak in France

My name is Liisi and I started this blog to share my passion for active lifestyle. It started out from belief, that your life should be in the rhythm that is good and healthy for you and developed when I moved to Ibiza and started sharing walking routes and tips in Ibiza, followed by walking routes in Estonia and walking routes in Norway and lastly walking in France.

As my own goals in sports have developed and it is my firm belief that there is an active lifestyle for all, you just need to find the right field, I have started to share my training and results in kayaking and karate as well as adding a new type of posts – interviews with ordinary people with sport-hobbies, a so called Why do I blog posts.


Since I move around and do many things, like PR&coaching, baking, photography, travelling, this blog will have more stories of all these topics.

Want to cooperate with me?

I am happy to

  • write articles, reviews and reportage on walking routes, sport activities, sport gear, energy food, active lifestyle products, travelling and related topics.
  • give advice on destinations I have been, what to do, where to go.
  • give marketing and management advice on starting a sport/active lifestyle/travelling business advice on destinations and fields mentioned above.
  • coach on finding and reaching your ideal lifestyle.

e-mail liisitoom(at)gmail.com, call +372 52 70 534