Lifestyle Coaching: Find yourself … by creating yourself

You create yourself when you find you

We know stories of people going for the Santiago de Compostela route to find themselves. This “looking” goes on in our every day life. Many people do not have the luxury to go take a 6 month vacation. The easiest solution is take the 60 minutes a day, a week, to go walk, with yourself, to find yourself and make a decision to create yourself.

Ultimately, we do create ourselves daily by the choices we make, things we give up and things we endure. It is the conscious act of choosing who you will become that will help most. As we honestly control so little.

I like this picture taken from here, because it looks as the person is leaving “Not me” behind. That is the beauty of choosing your own lifestyle, your own walk, your life pathway. And WALKING helps the most! No kidding!


When are you going for a walk?

Liisi Toom
walking lifestyle promoter, bloggerlifestyle coach

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