If we were meant to stay in one place, we would have feet instead of roots

I so agree with this sentence. Both professionally and physically. We are meant to learn to develop. We are meant to walk and travel and to explore and see the world beyond our garden. Seeing the world widely will always give a new respect to that same garden. This way, you can bring the world close to you wherever you are.

Having said that, I will announce my trip to South of France this year July/August. It will be a month full of relaxing, exploring both the surroundings and within myself. Time to get out the ideas I have had for a while and get them on paper. Hiking in France will have its’ part, after all, I am going to the most wonderful place of Provance! I will have my long waited petit dejaneur, be back in Hyere, etc etc.

Summer is a good time to dig deep in yourself and find out more about what you want to do. So if this is something you need, I will be doing online and e-mail coaching throughout the summer. I would be happy to help you get to that next level and get clarity. Read more about coaching


Where will your travels take you this summer?

roots vs feet