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Just another belt or a more in depth goal?
Just another belt or a more in depth goal?

Getting what I want has come pretty easily for me. I guess partly I do not have that big dreams (becoming a president or landing on the moon) just a lifestyle where I can do things the way I want with people I want and have full control (knowing that full control is not possible in this world) over what I decide to do. And to be happy. Becoming an entrepreneur showed me one thing – you have nowhere to hide from yourself, no-one to blame but yourself and also – you can congratulate yourself as well. Everything is clear. The results come when you act. That is the reason being an entrepreneur does not suit everyone.

Since I have been engaged with sports, it is even more clear to me the importance of goals. But not just being faster, stronger, but the goals that are behind it.


1. I do karate because it helps me to become a better, more balanced and more caring person. And more discipline.

2. I do kayaking, because it is a time for myself, a balancing act to learn how to develop yourself so that you can become more, reach higher. That you CAN do things you first thought you cant.

3. I do walking because this is how I breathe. I want to see different places, get inspiration to do my work better. To relax.

All these help me be prepared to whatever comes, to take responsibility, to be balanced and still do everything I want.  What I want is known to me.


To get something, you have to learn and develop.

To learn you have to have the interest.

To have the interest you have to know what you ultimately want.

If you know what you want, you will get it. 

What do you want?

I am happy to help you clarify, set and pursue your goals. It is easier than you think and also harder than you think.

Liisi Toom
blogger, marketer, coach

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