True leaders create new leaders

I think this quote gave me an epiphany today. Being a marketer at the age of social media, “followers” is something you work for. You need followers to your social media sites, to your newsletter to your personal brand. It may sound sometimes like you are just looking for anyone to follow you. But the truth could not be further.

I believe that we do not need followers. We need smart, self-driven people who are leaders. Who have respect, drive to learn and drive to create meaning with what they do. Leaders of their own life. And then role-models for others to be the leaders of their life.

There is another saying: the best teacher is the one whose students become better than the teacher was. This is how I want to pass on my knowledge, give inspiration to people to be better, better in a sense that they take charge, make tough decisions. Not egoistically “better”.

true leaders

I am quite happy that I have used that idea instinctively by teaching leaders, entrepreneurs and individuals the skills they need to self-develop, present themselves and go after what they want – or create it.



Liisi Toom
walking lifestyle promoter, blogger, marketer, coach

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