Café Truffé in Tartu – an excellent service with shrimps :P

It has been a while since I last visited café Truffé a nice and quiet place in the heart of Tartu. It was enlarged a while ago and it used to be one of the good places to go for a cup of coffee and chat with a friend.

On Monday I visited it again, the first time this year that I could have a meal outside!

I have to say I was positively surprised of the wonderful service by a young man there, he explained us what we could have, what he suggest etc. I took Truffé special shrimp&sphagetti, which was just enough spicy, though there were only some shrimps, which is unfortunately common problem. The food was all in all, delicious, especially with the rose wine.

My friend took the French chocolate cake which was just as dry as I remembered it to be some years ago. So if you take that, I suggest you take a coffee or tea with it.

I do like the way Truffé has its menu-a bit out of the ordinary, not too expensive and very tasty food.

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