Findings and the re-independence day of Estonia

Today I woke up with a good feeling and started doing things I love: meditation (newbeginner), mocca coffe (advanced) and reading news and posting Scandinavian news to my blog.

I did find one new blog to follow, where there was a good video about socialmedia revolution – it brought out good facts. The blog is here:

Today is Estonia’s re-independence day. You can read about the human chain Estonians-Latvians-Lithuanians made on 23rd of August 1989 to show theyr need for freedom. We were freed on 20th of August 1991.

“Estonia succeeded in regaining independence by way of the Singing Revolution of 1988. She has been fully independent once more since 1991.” More dates from here:

I will go and celebrate today on some weird bikes along with other JCI members and then to my dear workplace Estonian National Museum, where they show documentaries about those historical moments.

All the best!

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