Tartu Song Festival 2009

It’s culture time. Tartu Song Festival was held on 13th of June and it was crazy – I really didn’t think so many people would come with that weather. Since I walked my way there, making a stop at Kairit’s, I already changed my clothes at her place (thanks- it would have been terrible without almost waterproof trousers). I really need to learn to dress according to weather…

Made two pics with the mobile:

1st – That is Kairit. Don’t let her scare you – she was probably wearing the best clothes for this weather. 2nd – View under the roof of the Song Festival Stage – these were the choirs. There were many. I have never been in a choir, so I can’t tell what it feels like. Kairit can.

So now it is the Big Song Festival to come from 2nd-5th of July. My friends from Belgium and Norway are joining. Maybe this time I will stay longer, though I doubt it.

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