Spanish breakfast

I used to live in Ibiza. Living there I enjoyed a lot of great food in the lovely weather. As the summer is so far in Estonia, I wanted to have a great summer-breeze warm breakfast that would take me back to Spain. As I am lazy also, I wanted it to be simple.

Throughout the years and with recently working in food industry, I knew exactly what to do.

Spanish breakfast is usually tosta con jamon or tosta con tomato – toast with tomato salsa or cured ham. I added some extra tastes.

How to do Spanish breakfast toasts

Have a good white bread (can be whole grain or whatever you like), I chose ciabatta bread. Cut it and drip olive oil on it, put it in the oven from crispiness.

To make tomato salsa

– 2 medium tomatos
– 1 big garlic clove
– bit of salt and pepper
– few fresh basil leaves

Grind them all until the texture is a nice salsa-like. You’ll see the tomato salsa and pesto below on the picture.

tomato salsa pesto


You can find a full recipe for simple pesto here. Simply put: half a palm of pine nuts, ground parmesan cheese, 2-3 chopped garlic cloves, 3 palmfull of basil leaves – mix and grind together, add olive oil until the texture is wet enough, add salt to taste, bit of lemon juice.

Also, you have to buy good jamon serrano and some mozzarella.

When all salsa is done and the toast is crispy in the oven, take the bread out, top some breads with tomato salsa, another with mozzarella and yet another with pesto. Put them back in the oven for few minutes. Tomato salsa is best after it has been in the oven, pesto is so-so, can be heated but tastes great cold as well.
When you take the breads out, add to either tomato toast or mozzarella toast with jamon or you can use a toast with no topping with jamon.

My breakfast looked like that:
spanish breakfast

And eat away – it tastes AMAZING. And you have few salsas to taste your salads or other meals later.

Have a good day!

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