Testing: Primal Pantry Bars

I have been testing for different muesly bars for years now. I still think that you can make the best yourself as then you are sure WHAT really is in that product. But we don’t always have the time or knowledge to make new and interesting energy bars and muesly bars. So I tried a new product I found on the shop shelves in Estonia.

Primal Bars – the paleo way

I am not into paleo, I can eat and do eat everything. I have no problem with meat or with milk or wheat. This product is a paleo product. What caught my eye was the main ingredients of this particular bar: brazil nuts and cherry.

The Primal Pantry Paleo Bar with Brazil Nuts
The Primal Pantry Paleo Bar with Brazil Nuts

primal pantry bars

I bought this product after training to regain some energy. And it did. I actually ate only half of it and left the other half for later since I just didn’t need the whole bar. It was nice, sweet, but not too sweet. The bars are free of any grains, dairy, refined sugars and vegetable oils and always made with 100% natural GMO free ingredients. Not that I make any difference, but for those who do … I really liked the brazil nut and cherry bar and I will be sure to try the other tastes as well.

You can find out more about The Primal Pantry.

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