Walking route near Tartu: Lähte walking route

Lähte matkarajast eest keeles Delfi reisiportaalis.

One day, we went for a walk with Arp, a photographer and my former colleague from Estonian National Museum. We chose to take a small path near Tartu, city where I live. I was stunned how beautiful the route was and the fact that I never knew it existed.

Lähte terviserada aka the health route of Lähte

Lähte walking route - 5km
Lähte walking route – 5km

We did quite a few circles so my GPS made a map of our route that looks like a complete mess. It is wiser for you to have a look at the map here, on the official Estonian walking route’s website. You will notice that many of my walks have got an inspiration from there and I intend to walk all those routes one day.
For Lähte walking route, you can follow the given route, but most likely you will get lost and take another track. Which is fine, because the area is relatively small, you can cross it however you want and for as long as you want. It has ups and downs, flat grounds, foresty grounds. Places to go for a swim, if it is summertime. It is also a great picnic destination, in my opinion.

The walk there was truly fantastic and I can’t wait to go back in the summertime, with a picnic basket, swimming suit and friends. A true gem hidden 15 km from Tartu.

IMGP8233 IMGP8244

It is spring time and the greens are changing
Arp, doing his photo-thing
See the lake behind the forest
Still some snow left in APril
Still some snow left in April
The walkers
The walkers
The view
There was even a watching-tower! And a sporting facility near-by
The area seems so small from above.
The area seems so small from above.

Have a look at Arp’s photos and memories of Lähte walking route. He has nicely called walking a good change of activity for a office rat 🙂.  That is exactly what I wish – that people would get p and take that break. And feel better afterwards.

So much about this walk, there a still a few walking routes in Estonia and walking routes in Ibiza that I have yet not posted about. And MOST LIKELY, by the end of May, you will see some more of Norwegian walking routes that you may not see published before.

Walking lifestyle – for keeping you fit, mentally and physically

Don’t forget we all need time-off from our daily lives. Walking is the easiest and accessible thing to do that. Go out for a walk, share your thoughts and inspirations with me via e-mail. My aim is to show how easy it is to find little walks, little time-off-chunks in life to keep you mentally and physically fit. Wherever you are.

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