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Walking in Estonia: Trip to the Blue Springs

hiking in Estonia, terviserajad, matkarada, hiking, walking in Estonia
Siniallikad in Saule hiking route.

It has been a while since I did some hiking. Hiking was my whole life back in 2012-2013, in Ibiza and on wards. And then kayaking took over. But now after a nice kayaking competition (Pühajärve regatta 2019) we had a lovely visit to short but picturesque path with three blue springs.

Blue Springs hiking path in Saula / Siniallikad Saulas matkarada

One sign to find the start point when coming from Tallinn (pass the Viking Village)
You can easily walk there with gear like that. No special hiking clothes needed. Though, after the rain the path is muddy you might consider better shoes.

As we were visiting Tallinn we figured we might make the most of the Sunday. We took out the magical Google Maps to see if there are any nice food places on the Tartu – Tallinn highway. One was The Village of Vikings but just close there I noticed a hiking path. I quickly checked about it and find few Estonian sites mentioning it (Kaido Einama story on Reisijutud and vacation in Estonia. The pictures looked pretty, the length just great for a small trip and a picnic. The weather had been wet and we did not have any proper clothes, but as it was just by the highway, we were fine with that.

This is how the directions are given when you start from the Siniallikad trahter, a pub-bar.
We started our trip from Siniallika bar/trattoria. You can read about Siniallika trahter/pub here.There were nice signs there to start off. Although the signs stopped at some point, it was quite easy to find all three springs as they are connected and the trip is just 680 m long. The first spring was small yet I think the most blue. The color is something I think Estonians look for in those lovely southern summer vacations, a turquoise blue. It was a big surprise for me to find it here, in the middle of the green trees by the big highway.
How lovely is that blue spring?

Some fog on it, clear water but not as blue.
Second spring was not so stand out, grayish, small. But the third, the largest was almost white. It looked like there’s white marble on the base of the spring. As it was very muddy, we did not get to do a circle around it. They say that the water there has healing properties. Next time we might actually dip in the water. I am not sure if that is reasonable, but hey, one must try.
hiking in Estonia, terviserajad, matkarada, hiking, walking in Estonia
Siniallikad in Saule hiking route.

Picnic in the woods

Yes, we took Chinese takeaway… It was great. We will re-use the packages! And did not leave any marks that we were in that beautiful nature site! Clean after yourself!

As we were heading back we searched for dry chairs or table to sit and have our to-go food. There are plenty of places to sit but it had been raining so it was not the nicest moment to sit on a wet wooden chair. Also a lot of bloody mosquitoes there. But we did take our time, had some takeaway and enjoyed the view on the river Pirita, which is connected to the springs. That river is also a river I have kayaked :D, so it was extra heart warming to know that far away there is a part of that river where I will be on my dear kayak. We were surprised to see couple of groups of people to walk on the path. So it is not so unknown after all!

Lunch eaten, we headed back to the warm and dry car, promising we will find more of hiking trips in Estonia and also being grateful to get back home after a trip to Tallinn.

Tallinn Tartu highway: the sky and the clouds gave as a wonderful view.

What has been your last hiking trip? Any hiking routes you love in Estonia? How do you spend your Sundays or get the vacation you need?

All photos are done with HTC U11 mobile phone. Copyright @Liisi Toom

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