I have a tradition of bringing some kind of a local food from a country I visit and invite friends over to taste and share memories. I love the tradition, because it is a way to pass a piece of the culture forward and another reason to spend time with friends. Not that anyone needs to make any excuse to get-together with friends.


From Ibiza, I brought jamón (cerrano and iberico – there are fierce fights about which is best. I like cerrano),  paella rice and coffee (yeah!). The last is another weird tradition. Even though Norway’s Friele coffee really isn’t that good, I still find myself shopping a pack of it along with my ultimate favorite Mills Mayones and Römmegrött.

Paella, “home-made” in Koppas, San Antonia, Ibiza

Today, having some friends over, I managed to make quite an outstanding paella. Honestly, it tasted better than the one in Koppas, in San Antonio, in Ibiza.

Paella in Tartu, mi casa 🙂

Give me food – it took ca 2h to prepare

I used a recipe I got from here (in Estonian, but google translate can always help). I did the seafood version. Let’s be honest, I did not quite follow the recipe, for example I used small shrimps, the mussels were not in the shells, and squids not in the tube, I forgot one (smoked???) paprika, but the outcome was delicious. It did take approximately 2h to be finished, though it says ca 20-40 min. It came out juicy, fresh and with enough (and not too much of) seafood. I was afraid of that turning out badly.

This morning, we also tried Ibiza coffee. Since I buy coffee in beans, it was quite fresh. But I don’t like it. It taste like the beans have been over roasted. I have to say, coffee is one thing I need to take with me when I go to the Island of Love, or quit drinking coffee and instead enjoy they’re absolutely tasty fresh orange juices.

Breakfast of the Ibicencos@Ibiza

Until the next trie-outs. I still have some duck, rabbit and chicken meat, since I read mistakenly from the recipe that these are necessary,   when in fact they were as a second option. Go figure!