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Krõõt – The Travelling Cat

It has been exactly 7 days since I landed here, to Ibiza Town. Let me tell you a bit about my travel companion, The Cat Krõõt.

I have no idea if Krõõt has ever traveled even in a car for longer periods, but the way she behaved in our trip from Tartu-Tallinn-Copenhagen-Vienna-Palma de Mallorca-Ibiza was just outstanding. Of course it might be that she was just too scared, but she did show signs of curiosity, so I don’t think it was too bad. A bigger issue is rooms, new rooms. I think she did not sleep at all in the hotel, but she also was not that afraid there, nosing around, watching out of the window, getting comfortable between the sheets.

But here, in my room and flat in Ibiza, it is another story. It has been a week here, and she still is scared. Especially when she hears someone coming from the main door. The first days she hid between the sheets, coming out only when I dragged her to eat, which she did. Luckily, she agreed to also do her thing in the sandbox which had to stay in my room for couple of days, just so she could get used to the boundaries and the safe place for her.

Uncomfortabilities for Krõõt in Ibiza

1. Windows do not have window sills inside. So you have to be creative and make a table or something for the cat to see out. 
2. The floor is mostly in tiles or stone. Which probably won’t be a problem during the summer, but now when it is winter and cold, the cold can be a reason she hides under the sheets.
3. The balcony is too close to another balcony, but not close enough for her to make the jump. SO I am afraid to let her out.

Since she is hiding the whole day, she wakes up at nights. One of the first nights she only scratched the sand box without doing in anything else, tried to get in to all the cupboards, run over my head, stretched to see outside the window.
Krõõt trying to look out the window the first days
One night I got enough and let her out. The darkness and quietness suited her and she went wandering around leaving me to pray to god that she wouldn’t drop anything. I had seen how she wanted and DID jump on the highest shelf holding glass vessels. Nothing happened on that first wandering-around night and now her food and sandbox is outside my room and I leave my bedroom door a bit open so she could go out when she feels like it. Step by step. 

I have noticed that she has become more curious and lively these last days, she uses the new scratch post I bought and plays a bit with her toys and goes out of the room more often. Yet, the quick hiding when she hears strange or loud noises is still on. I hope she gets used to the place soon. 
Now I built her a temporary solution. My grandfathers
flower posts would be perfect and well in use here.

This is a path behind my flat and down to a small beach.
I caught the first stray cat on the picture as well

Me adapting. Briefly.

In light of adaption, I can say that I am not scared :). The location is brilliant, in the center of Ibiza Town, sided with protected nature area, walking distance from the small hidden beach and also many bigger beaches. The house is an Ibiza styled house in a quiet neighborhood. I am sharing the flat with the owner, but I pretty much use the living-room alone. Oh what great dinners and movie nights could be held here! I am going to miss those we had with you soon (still my first week, no offence), my friends! Unless you come over. I make the food! Yo te invito!

Unfortunately I can’t make use of the huge terrace just yet. Not good enough sun yet. And yes, funnily enough, it is much more warmer outside doing something then staying in. Especially the living room, it is impossible to stay there without freezing your something of. I did bring a small heater to my room, so now it is better and both me and cat can normally stay in the room as well.
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