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Thirty years in boxes to 45kg of luggage

Have you ever wondered what will be left of you when you die?
No, it is not gonna be a morbid blogpost 🙂

Throughout our lives we collect experiences, memories and STUFF. A picture from graduation, presents, a sea-shell from a beach you had your time of your life, documents, study materials, jewelry, diplomas, prizes, etc., etc., etc. Small things to remind you of what you have done and who you are. Though when you die, you take the experiences and memories with you, the STUFF stays for other people to clean up. This is what I learned from packing for my new experience. I and my family also had my grandmother’s tings to clean up. It is a lot of work, I can tell you that, and there are so many things I have bought without really needing or using what I have acquired. I will think twice now when I buy something, I can tell you that.

My thirty years fitted into ca 15 boxes and bags+some bigger things that could not be put into bags. I think I threw away ca 3-4 boxes of stuff. And I do feel about all the trees and nature that got harmed just so I could buy stuff.

Now we have the moral part said, let’s move on.


Travel companions midst the things to take with

I am a Libra. That makes making choices time consuming for me, since I like to weigh on many aspects and since aspects have a tendency to change, it never ends. Some decisions, on the other hand, are very easy for me. Like staying in Norway for a year. And moving to Ibiza. For those who think it is a big and scary decision and I am very brave, I can only say that I think I would have been more scared to not take that step.

– I have always wanted to live in Spain and learn the language&culture, just didn’t find the right place in Spain until now.
I am 30. I am not getting any younger :), no, just kidding, you are as old as you feel and I still feel young, and thirty years is not old.
– I want to learn to relax and take things as they come. Those who know me, can assure that I can be a pain, too much into detail where it is not necessary. Ibiza state of mind should be just perfect. I already got the feel of it when I was here in October 2012 and it is contagious. I want to inhale and fill myself with the smiles, the laid back feeling, the hospitality, the ability to celebrate every day, dance all night (without the support of alcohol, lice we westerners do so much) and sleep during the siesta. Of course.
– It was the right timing. The situation could have not been more appropriate for life change. No loans, no children, no responsibilities to other parties. Besides to my family and friends (whom I love dearly, let me just note that here), but they can visit, right?
– The warm climate. Though arriving to a very windy winter Ibiza, not sure I got that, but anyway, I am not a winter person. I want sun, I need sun and light. I don’t mind the winter as long as I can just leave it when I want.
– And finally, the most important reason: I want a certain lifestyle which can be attained only by actually living it. SO, if it works out, I’ll tell you more about it.

I made the choice that I could not afford NOT to do.

At Ibiza from 2nd of February 2013

Sleeping at the hotel

The travel was two days long and my first with the cat. Probably the cat’s first as well. It was supposed to be one day, but due to changes in Estonian Air, we had to start on 1st of February, Tallinn-Copenhagen, Copenhagen-Vienna. Overnight in Vienna, continue on 2nd from Vienna-Palma de Mallorca, Palma de Mallorca-Ibiza.

Everything went smoothly, after all, tickets were bought long time ahead, the luggage was weighed several times beforehand and cat went through a small diet to fit in he 6kg limit (well, the diet never really happened, but she kept the weight). The only trouble was, that though we got a paper ticket for the “excess baggage=cat”, the booking was not in the system. That meant that there were long phone calls that the check-in personnel took to confirm that all was booked and payed for.
The Cat called Krõõt herself was amazing. She did make some noise but it was quiet and rare. When I took her out in the plane or in the airport, she was curious, but did not try to run away. She drank and ate a bit only in the hotel and right when we arrived to our new home in Ibiza. This meant that she did not needed the loo either. Which was a huge relief for me.

And I think I have found a new trend in picking up guys. A cat in a travel-bag. It was fun to see the people’s reactions. And especially in Vienna, when I was in the cabin-luggage check in-passport area. There was a young airport guy who went crazy about the cat, petting and sweet-talking to her and he also invited another man who showed me pictures of his four cats.

Since there was so much new, the travel was long and luggage was heavy, all together 45kg + cat, I was so tired when I arrived to windy Ibiza that we both needed a rest and slept the travel tiredness off. There are so many new things to discover and to cope with the culture differences for both me and Krõõt, but we will be just fine here in Ibiza.

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