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green belt

It is two weeks and three trainings before shotokan karate spring camp in Tallinn, where there is a chance to make an exam for a higher belt. Getting an orange belt (7th kyu) took me 10 years, since I had a very long break, now I hope to get the green belt with a bit less time (did orange in winter 2014). I have been practicing for the green belt ever since, you have already seen my heian sandan kata (before).

Long way to go to black

Last night, at the karate training I officially asked my instructor whether I am allowed to go for green belt (6th kyu) exam, and I got a green light! You have to ask permission to take the exam from your instructor. So now I have to start writing an essay on “Doju Kun” and keep on practicing some of the things still troubling me. Other then that, I am very excited and can’t wait! Next week, friends! Next week! Wish me luck!

What is my goal in karate, you ask?
Well, to actually be good in it, with the hip movement, the split (my own thing :D), the leg kicks. Most of all, katas. I’d like to go on a kata competition once in my life. You need higher ranking for that, so I guess higher ranking as well. Honestly, to think that I might get a brown belt is already very ambitious, but why not … it is about dedication. I have a long way to go. But I love the karate philosophy, and that keeps me in the training.


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