Quotes about Life from the Karate Kid

People who know me also know my passion for martial arts. last weekend I saw the movie Karate Kid again, and I loved Miyagis’ attitude, just like other martial arts practitioners’. I will copy some of them here for your enjoyment. All taken from here: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0087538/quotes

Quote nr.1:
[Daniel is about to have his first match in the tournament]
Daniel: All right, so what are the rules here?
Miyagi: Don’t know. First time you, first time me.
Daniel: Well, I figured you knew about this stuff. I figured you went to these before. Oh great, I’m dead. I am dead. You told me you fought a lot.
Miyagi: For life, not for points.

Quote nr. 2 – balance in things:
Miyagi: You remember lesson about balance?
Daniel: Yeah.
Miyagi: Lesson not just karate only. Lesson for whole life. Whole life have a balance. Everything be better. Understand?

Quote nr. 3 – this is what karate taught me and is useful in everyday life:
Miyagi: [repeated line to Daniel] Look eye!, always look eye!

Martial arts’ theory is great!

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