Whoohoo! 10th training as well as just 1 month before my first ever kayaking competition. Scared? Yes! But today’s training gave me everything I needed to train for unpredictable competition. It is not the speed I am so much worried about, it is the obstacles on my way: other boats, waves, wind, waves, to name the few.

To “celebrate” this important day (1 month to competition and tenth training) I decided to do 2 things:

1. Make the longest trip this year – 15 km

2. See how long it takes to do 5 km up the stream and down the stream. Then I know where I am at and can set my goal.

It started quite nicely. Weather was warm, not too much sun. Fisherman fishing. And then …

Life by the river Emajõgi
Life by the river Emajõgi

The wind went wilder, all of a sudden there were speedboats coming full speec – an not stopping for little ol’ me. And then another speedboat came. No stopping either. So I had to take a direction change and cut the waves directly through and get away from the shoreside to avoid getting hit by the waves the shore created.

Okey. Passed that. Nice!

Then the stream under the bringe (ca 6th km) was strong as ever. I almost thought I won’t make it pass the bridge. But I did.

And then, rain started coming down. But I still had to make the picture because it was the end of that stretch.

Raindrops on my kayak
Raindrops on my kayak

Heading back, the places where there was strong current before felt like the current had stopped – thanks for helping me out here! Anyway. It was the longest 6 km of this year. Tired! But, the records say that it took me 50 min to take the 5 km up and 32 min to take 5 km down (when utterly tired). So that has not changed.

Oh, and when I was heading back, and thought all is good – I am almost there, a person in this jet thing made rounds. + another speedboat at the same time. No rest for the wicked. As they both made waves, the waves got mixed and unpredictable. I found that extra strength to get the heck out of there.  Phew….

When I arrived to the base, I said I will not be coming on Monday. I think I was a bit quick to say that. Wish me luck!


Liisi Toom
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