#11 kayaking training. You don’t always have to measure time

After last training I was not sure when I get back on track as I was so tired of the tough training.

It was good to have a weekend off. On Monday, after a long time, I went to play tennis with my niece, a nine year old. I am very happy she is interested in tennis, I guess she got it from me as no one else in our family plays tennis. Anyway, after an hour of tennis, I did some shoots against the wall. And fell, hard time. I have never hit the floor so hard before. My both knees got hurt. and my right elbow. So it was a no-go for Monday’s kayaking training. Tuesday was off as well for business. So Wednesday, as I got back to Tartu, I took a short kayaking trip, 5km with speedy-slow-speedy. It was quite windy but it was lovely training – I was really relaxed and ready and excited to kayak.

I did however check the time to see whether I was faster or not. And it was a NOT. it took me 20 min for 2,5 km. Double the time. When I said that to my trainer, he said some very smart words.
You don’t always have to check the time

I like my trainer very much.

And here’s my regular end-point picture.


Less then a month to go.

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