It’s Friday and that usually means a long distance! Last Friday I did 15 km so I was expecting 15 or 20 this time. But my trainer had another plan. He said 13 and not more. I guess this is because of my injury on Monday. So I kept reminding myself that “You don’t always have to measure time” and took it really slow for these 13 km. To be very honest, I still did 3 x all power on ca 200 m. Cos I felt good. But I do understand why my trainer stopped me from doing too much – if you train too hard, you can get tired physically and mentally and then it is easy to not like the sport you are doing. Or a job you are doing to transfer this wisdom to daily life.

So the last training of the week: 13 km and 2h.

Here’s a motivational picture I found for kayaking. One day I will be able to ride the waves! 🙂

kayaking power

Have a great weekend – I will be relaxing. Or hiking for a change.


Liisi Toom
walking lifestyle promoter, blogger, marketer, coach

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