#14 kayaking training: Fast and Furious

Hahaa! It is always great to go training after a weekend of relaxing. All muscles back in order, psychologically ready. I slept in today and my first thing to do after a cup of coffee was to get down to the river and do a the interval (?) training on the river. The sun was shining and wind was strong.

It was speed development training today. I did 5 times ca 200-300 m with all my might and it was great. I was on fire! I am extremely happy because two of those times I was against the stream and against the wind. As my trainer tells me: You go rather quickly for paddling a hiking kayak. Sounds good to me.

My this year’s kayaking goal – 5km on a lake Pühajärve competition – is getting close. Need to fix which kayak I am taking and few more weeks of trainings.


This is how I feel right now about kayaking:


you can't buy happiness but you can buy a kayak


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