#15 kayaking training: Head to head with boats and ducks

Oh what a fun the last training was! As it was an interval training, short distance (6 km), 5x300m full power. And the rest of the time (1,5 hours) I had to just paddle slowly and steadily. That meant I had the time to look around and take some videos and pictures.

Like for example the famous Lodi boat, handmade in Tartu, a popular tourist attraction.

King of the Castle :)
King of the Castle 🙂
Lodi, tourist attraction in Tartu
Lodi, tourist attraction in Tartu

And then the ducklings. So cute! Unfortunately I didn’t get them so up close.

It was a great training, tiring, after a hiking tour I did in the morning but well worth it.

Liisi Toom
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