#17 kayaking training: new distance, same time, less exhaustion

On Monday (22 June) I was afraid what my trainer will ask me to do. I had been asking for it for a while and even though I felt quite tired that morning, I kept my mouth shut. I have realised that if I shut up and do what my trainer tells me, I can achieve a lot :). So there it was. Long-distance training with a kilometer longer distance from this years’ other trainings.

Total. ca 16 km. 2 hours. Honestly I cannot remember how I had to do it but I remember that I hade a meeting right after training and I ushed really hard to make it. Thus, my time was pretty good and what was more surprising –  I was not as tired as I was last time I did 14 km. I remember feeling the taste of blood in my mouth and blisters on my hands. Not this time. Great success I say.

As you can see my posts are getting shorter with less pictures every time. It is all te trainings and work thats in my hand. I have actually been on two hikes that I will soon post and my branding company is taking it to the next level. So this blog is kinda like a log for trainings.

Over the weekend I heard a person in my network complimenting me for blogging about kayaking – she got very inspired from it. That was great to hear that I am not posting to some strange Nowhere-land 🙂

Hope it inspires you too!




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