#18 kayaking training: Numb

We had two days off due to the St Johns day/solstice. I did absolutely nothing during those days. Almost didn’t move myself. Usually when that happens I am all ready to go kayaking, muscles are relaxed, sharp powerful. Not today. Don’t get me wrong, I went to my training with the cheerful spirit as always, but the movements were all numb. I had a short distance and 5x2minutes powerful paddling today. + one tiny, 200m. Just didn’t feel it.

After the kayaking, later tonight, I had karate and tomorrow a quick kayaking training. Hope I feel sharper tomorrow.

After the training I asked some more information about the competition I will be going next weekend. It will be approx 100 kayaks, mostly professional kayakers but also many amateurs. I am mostly worried about getting in the boat as I am comfortably used to going in the boat from the footway, not from the shore. Will see.



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