#4 kayaking training in 2017 – 10km

I went to training after all my lectures so I would have as much time as I needed to make a longer trip. Planned to take it slow but longer then the days before. It was a nice day with around 2-4 + degrees and almost no wind.

I took a slalom boat and started upstream. Midway, there was a small motor boat speeding down the river – the river is becoming crowded already and it has just opened up from ice! I think the motor boat driver was surprised also to see a kayak on the river.

So I continued and made it until the 5th kilometer (video made there) where I turned and head back. It was about there when I saw another kayaker from our base – with a racing kayak. It was amazing to see how he paddled, I tried to copy it as long as I could see him. He passed me and he caught up with me 1 km later – I suppose he did 10km total as well. Gosh, the slalom boat is slow… I need to get myself together and learn to properly kayaking in Nelo.

When I headed back, wind blow up and it was quite tough. It felt like the river was flowing the other way. And as the wind grew, it got colder as well, so I kept speeding (maximum speed still only 8.7 km/h. In total it was 1.47minutes for 10km.

Was a nice training. Can’t wait til the weather gets warmer.

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