#5 and #6 kayaking training – 10km in Vajda and ergo

#5th Kayaking training

First of March was the first time to change the boats. To make a smooth change, I took 4th stability level Vajda out for a spin. It was a bit rainy weather, but not too windy. Rain does not disturb me at all – actually, it is even better, because then I am wet anyway and it really doesn’t matter if I fall in or not :).

So, Vajda it was. I forgot how heavy it is compared to Nelo. I think around 18kg? But that’s what happens when you have a more stable boat.
I was a bit afraid that it will feel too shaky for me, but after a small circle I felt fine. This boat is stable enough for me. And it is so much better to train with a boat where you can position your legs together and in front not apart and under those blood-stopping things that you have in hiking and slalom kayak.
kayaking progress
I had done 10km the last kayaking training  so I thought I would do another 10 with Vajda to get myself used to it and thus be better prepared to progress on to Nelo sooner. It was pretty fun, time I used was around 20 minutes less then with a slalom kayak. Plus, finally I gt my pulse up to what it should be.

It was a good training. Unfortunately it seems the weather is getting colder which means less training outside until it is warm again.

#6 Kayaking trainingtennis weekend

On Friday I didn’t feel so good – I think being on the water on pretty cold days is a health risk. So I decided to do a gym day. Ended up with 8km on kayaking ergo and some lifting some weights. I still haven’t got back on track and to the great state I had in January.

Weekend training – tennis

To make my weekend perfect, I had the chance to play tennis again. It was my first sport back in the days and a dream not fulfilled. These days I only do one or two tennis trainings A YEAR :). But it seems I still have the skill. I love that game … Almost as much as kayaking. Well, actually they are both amazing sports!

Best to you!

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