Today was the long-distance day, I did 13 km, the longest kayaking training this year (last was 10 km). Took 2 hours.

2015-05-22 13.12.56
My end point this training, 6,5 km. Now it was time to head back for another 6,5km

Sport is a fantastic teacher of life and business, I learned again today. I wish we could just as easily adopt the mentality and common knowledge we accept in sports (lots of practice, failure, etc). But usually what is OK in sports we tend to be not OK in life, like failure, constant improvement of results.

2015-05-22 13.02.18
Views from the river. Would be nice to live here…
2015-05-22 13.08.20
Almost there ….

2015-05-22 13.11.16 2015-05-22 13.11.41
Anyway, back to kayaking. It was a sunny and calm day. Going up the river was easy, especially with my new paddle which I almost don’t feel at all. So easy to paddle. Lot’s of fisherman on the riverside. Few motorboats to make the trip a bit more exciting. And of course, lovely scenery.

I had a plan to kayak up to 1pm (1 hour) and then start paddling back, but I only got to 5 km and some, not to the bridge (6,5km) where I wanted to reach. So I had to make a decision. To go back or to go further.

As I already saw the bridge where I wanted to reach, well, actually I saw the electricity lines marking the place where the bridge was, it was this need for a challenge that made me take this extra time and paddle up another 20+minutes (ad back). But I am happy I did.
Here’s the view just after reaching the kayaking training goal today:

Lovely training. I am amazed how we can push ourselves if we want to. And after training a good, healthy and nutritious food is required!

2015-05-22 14.40.55
Looking forward to a no-exercise weekend. Rest is important!

What’s your challenge today?

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