#9 kayaking training: The storm on the river

Distance: 6 km, 1,1 h

I almost didn’t want to go on the river today. It was so windy that branches of the trees were falling down. And it was so unpredictable – bot the strength and direction of the wind, which makes paddling on the river with the weather like this extremely difficult. But as they say, actually beginning with something is half the win.

I did plan to do 10km kayaking training today, but doe to the wind and my fear that I will fall over (I do not have the skirt on the kayak and tehre were no people fishing by the shore), I did a shorter distance. The wind was so strong at some point, almost ripping my paddle away and pushing me to all kinds of directions. I kept mumbling –

“be one with the boat”

and almost meditating to keep my cool.

Here’s a little video after the training. Honestly, I did not dare to do the usual “at the end of half of the training” picture. Better safe than sorry.


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