Day 6 on rowing ergo – new max :)

6th day was a new max. I took a whole Friday off, after many exams, I needed a brak. So I started early and stayed until 6pm in the base.

So I started with rowing and upped my maximum 1h to 1.10h. The total for the day was 20 632m which is my maximum for a day so far.

20km rowing ergo

After rowing I took a round on pulling weights. I can do max 57,2km but I wish to get 62 kg by the end of January. So today after rowing and few warm ups to torso I started with 52kg and then 60kg. But I couldn’t make it. I finally got it missing by 0,5cm. So next week it will be about weights. Even 57,2kg was not so easy today. Darn it. Let’s blame it on the ergo challenge and being tired from it.

try on 60

Weights done, I did try kayaking ergo as they had repaired it and I needed to feel that kayaking movement again. Unfortunately I got to do only 1km when the cord started doing funny things again and I quit. Don’t like unreliable things, takes the fun out of doing things.

As the final thing, I did another 7km on rowing ergo to get to 20km in total. As I was tired, I did them in 10-15 minute at a time. But I made it!

Fun fun fun! Only half a month to go.


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