First kayaking copmetition of the 2017 season

My dear Nelo that I did the competition with
What a ride it has been. After burning myself out in January with indoor rowing competition, February continued to trying to balance in Nelo and training with Vajda and Nelo. Then I was lucky enough to have Rait create a gym plan for me to get stronger which was great. Around 6-7 trainings (gym+kayaking on the water) a week.
Then, few weeks back I fell ill so totally that almost 2 weeks was out. Now I have been slowly back in training routine (without gym, though). Main goal – to prepare for the seasons’ first kayaking competition with Nelo.

As per usual, my usual question was how the heck will I manage the distance and turn and waves with Nelo. I have been petrified kayaking especially when I have to go further from the shore. So during the last four months I didn’t really do the competition track just the way I should have even though it is in my “home field”. I was honestly scared. Luckily I did manage to do it partly when Eve was with me (except the turn). So I was excited for the competition day … it seems I do better on crisis situation.

So the day arrived, I took the seat out from Nelo and substituted it with a thin foam stuff, balance is much better with only 1 cm change.

I had the amazing honor to start with the best female kayakers in Estonia. And I was happy there’s only few, because that meant less waves in the start.

Anyway, the start went off and I saw the girls getting a nice head start. I struggled but at the same time, I think it was my best start so far :). I continued on until the turn – that’s where I did slow down for a while to be sure I make the turn without a fall. Which I did.

The great thing was that I was all alone doing it as the girls had on their way back when I was at 1km point.

I finished with 19.53 min. That’s 1 min slower than with Vajda last year. But as the balance was much worse with Nelo, that was a good result. I figured 25min would have been ok for me, too. The winner got something like 12 minutes.

Results. They got my name wrong …

Tough I am still shaky on the boat and as my ex – trainer said “You fear though there’s nothing to fear. You have the strength just get the courage” and my kayaking might not look great, but I am still working on it. And I know I can do it. Give me time!

Finished happily and all dry.

My thanks go to Rait and Eve who both have helped (and I hope will continue to) me with trainings on and off water. The real work begins now. Narva in 2 weeks.

My main outerior motivation comes from Lisa Carrington videos and this motivational video. And of course from being on the water, feeling the wind, the speed and flying-like sense. Its amazing!

Til next time!

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