January rowing challenge roundup

January was interesting training month. I got inspired by rowers and joined their virtual rowing team. Initially I planned to do a 160km a month with kayaking ergo but as it broke down all the time I kept on with indoor rowing and eventually reached 210 km. That’s pretty good for a kayaker.

I love a good challenge and took it a bit too seriously, so the last week of it I made my record: 45 km a day. To be honest, I got sick few days after that and have been very quiet after that and just getting back on track with training this upcoming week.

Now that I look at the rowing challenge stats I see that I did only 15 times. Hm, should have done more times, less meters I guess. I will be better prepared next year. This year I missed 6 days in the beginning.

Team: 7th place
My standing in the team: 30th (from 115)
Total metres: 210,030m
Max in one day: 45 km!!!!

My stats:
concept2 rowing challenge

Next year I am aiming 300km min.

Now it is time to build up for paddling! Luckily the kayaking ergo is fixed and I can start training there.

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