Kayaking ergo challenge 2017 day #3

Today was third day of #kayakingergochallenge2017 (about the challenge+1+2 day). As rowers of my club were doing a training day – they have a challenge for this month that inspired me – I decided to join and give kayaking ergo some work. It started off pretty well … util the rope, the cord broke. That’s the second time that ergo is broken because the rope that pulls-pushes broke, and its a new machine! Weba-sport should check their product… Anyways, I did manage to push with caution to get almost 6km with kayaking ergo. My hope was to MAYBE get to 20 km today, but the breaking of the ergo got my mood down.broken-cord-of-kayaking-ergo

Luckily Rait, a rower motivated me to continue training with rowing ergo. So I did it. I set a goal to use the same amount of time – 48 minutes. As in rowing ergo, legs work a lot more than on kayaking, the result was according. I have to be honest, by 40th minute I really wanted to finish, I was so tired. And they were doing 3?hours? more probably. Respect! I think that will be a good exercise for me and an advantage ;). Anyway, I have to work a bit more with my legs.

Enough talk. Totals:

Kayaking ergo 48 minutes: 5981 metersday-3-kayaking-ergo

Rowing ergo 48 minutes: 9144 meters


Rait was doing some clips, a bot scary to see, oh what we do for social media :D.

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