New Year has started. Many ideas and plans for it, few non-expected things have already happened, some not so good. More the reason to go ahead and focus on few of the things I love. Like kayaking.

Last year was quite an interesting one, ending with 4 months of training with the newest Nelo racing-kayak. You can read about the overview of 2016 & kayaking from my post.

But today I wanted to start the years’ posts with a challenge I started yesterday.

Kayaking challenge – 160km a month

While I was working out on kayaking ergo yesterday, a rower Rait talked about how he is pushing to do 1000km a month (i hope I remember correctly), that’s about 33 km a day. His record has been around 1700km as far as I remember. He is doing it with a rowing ergo, of course. So I talked to my trainer and thought that I could do something like that as well. We ended up agreeing on 8km a day (workdays), with the total of 160km a moth. That is starting from yesterday (5th of January) as I had done almost that on that morning.

My secret goal is 200km though, thats 10km a day. Let’s see.

Day 1

So, my first time, yesterday (5th of January), I did 2x30minutes, total of 7770m

Day 2

Today I did 30min + 20min + 20min + 7.55min (first 3 times on the morning with small breaks and with different strengths of the ergo and the last 7.55 minutes was a warm up for my evening training. I wanted to do one km, hence the weird time).
Total meters: 10 062 m.

The kayaking ergo used is by weba-sport.

Anyone to join me on the challenge?

My number of km-s is quite low, because I am still amateur, so you can set your own km-s ;). But it would be nice to have others to join with the challenge! Let me know at

Have a great year!