Kayaking: First training in May. New goal

So yesterday was my first training of the kayaking season vol II (after few trainings in April) to really start this year (not that kayaking on the sea or kayaking in Soomaa was not a season opener …. I did only 4 km to warm myself up. The weather was great, no wind, no rain. Only  A LOT of kayakers and paddlers. So we should have had a traffic lights at the base. The peer was full of kayakers, new pupils, old sportsman. Everyone seemed to be there. Which is great, except the time when you are on the river and then hear how there is a 4-man rowing boat coming with the trainer on a small motor boat behind you. So I got my first excitement of the season to deal with the waves of the motor  boat.

Also, I learnt that I am not ready to rescue anyone if I am alone on the river. There was one girl who had fallen in the water on the other side of the river, se was luckily almost at the shore and did not need my help, but if she had needed my help, I am not sure I would have dared to give it – did not feel comfortable letting somebody rock my kayak as I was afraid I will fall in. At the same time, I am 99% sure that if I fall I would get to the shore, no problem – this kind of falling in is actually very very normal for kids who train rowing and kayaking, so nothing to worry about.


First kayaking training in May
First kayaking training in May


I also talked to my trainer and we set a goal to attend an event in July, 5 km regatta at Pühajärve. I checked the times of the winners – say 20 minutes for 5 km. I use an hour for 4 km. A LOT to do to make it happen.

Anyways, happy training and keep moving and having a walking lifestyle!


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