So six months into this year. Participated in two races and trained a lot.

Today I was talking to Eve and for some reason I told her that I have thought of doing 3000km kayaking this year. This number came from a chat last winter with someone (a guy I don’t know really, but I think he is a kayaker :D, not a regular in our base) from whom I asked how many km-s kayakers do, top kayakers do in a year. And I think he said something 3000+. Naturally, I have to do the same.

Todays count is 775.48km. That’s between kayaking with Nelo and Vajda. Today it toog 2.2h with Nelo to do 15km. So it will take a long time or I will have to up my game (preferrable). In any way, for the next 4 months it means around 147km a week (max I have done is around 70km a week). But I think I am up for the challenge. Let’s see how far I get. The year is still half to go.

So feel free to motivate and inspire me to push it!

To go as of 24th of June 2017