Kayaking in December in the dark


It is December, Christmas time. And I can still go kayaking on Emajõgi! How cool is that?! Well, from the global warming view point it is not cool at all, but as to my training and love for warmth – its the best thing ever.

So after 1 week of no training at all – needed to focus on work, I am back! Today was my third time training, first day was just hard core gym, second time kayaking for an hour and then gym, today kayaking for 1,5 hours and quick gym-time.

But I just want to share a video I made while I was kayaking. On the lower end of my training track, there are two bridges. During the day, they are just regular bridges but at night, when it is dark, one of them lights up and changes colors. I made a video of that. Love it! Love Tartu!

City lights




Lights from afar – heading down stream


Getting closer


Lights in Tartu


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