Kayaking season 2017 begins

Let the kayaking season begin!

Official start of my kayaking season – meaning my first time this year ON THE WATER was 23rd February. Emajõgi was almost free of ice with only shores still in ice.

I was ready to take Nelo, the 2nd level racing kayak on the water for my first training but the minute I sat in I felt like it was my first time with the boat. So shaky, almost fell over right there by the peer. So that was not going to work. Too cold (+2 degrees I think) to take a swim for me and I’d rather paddle just a bit with whatever boat. So, slalom boat it was. There was no issues with that lovely wide base boat.

For my first trip I did 6.26km in an hour. Was a lovely trip, almost no wind on Emajõgi. After kayaking on the water I warmed myself up with rowing ergo.

2nd kayaking on the water training this year

At 3rd kilometer
At 3rd kilometer

The 2nd one was the next day, 24th of February. Which is also Estonia’s Independence Day. I decided to celebrate my freedom by doing something that for me symbolizes freedom – kayaking. It truly is a sport where once you feel safe and ready, its like flying. Only better. Freedom. Anyways … took slalom boat again just so I wouldn’t have to spend time on being afraid of falling in because it was slightly colder -2 degrees Celsius. Luckily I didn’t feel the cold in my hands as long as I was paddling.

Did just the same – 6.3km with slightly less time. And it already felt better to paddle. I need to learn the proper paddling technique still, I sometimes miss the putting in phase and that unbalances me.

After this trip I warmed up a bit inside and did my signature training: sitting in Nelo, holding on to the peer and just moving my bottom, legs and one hand and trying to get the feel of the boat. From time to time I tried to let go of the peer. I know it must look funny and especially so considering my kayaking ambition, but hey, you have got to start somewhere. And I will do whatever it takes, even if it looks weird :).

Sometimes I forget how narrow this boat is. I am still amazed I did a marathon in it.
Sometimes I forget how narrow this boat is. I am still amazed I did a marathon in it.

While I was sitting there, I looked at the nose of the kayak and it still hits me at times how narrow it is. After 15 minutes of sitting-in-the-kayak-training it was time to go and warm up inside with some kayaking ergo, back and abs training.

I hope it will get warm no soon. I want to be on the water and get the balance and get to actually use all the strength I have.

Kayaing is AMAZING sport. You should try! If you haven’t.

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