Kayaking: Video from 5th kilometre pause point at Emajõgi

The weather was gorgeous!

kayaking at Emajõgi, Tartu

After two days of heavy rain in Tartu that prevented me of going to my kayaking practice, the sun was shining and the weather was sweet again! As it was my second training of the opening of the kayaking season vol 2 I decided to do a bit longer distance to warm up and get ready for my new goal – kayaking 5 km regatta in July. Also, I wanted to ask my trainer about what it really takes and what I have to do to manage to better my time. As I wrote at the last kayaking blogpost that I did 4km in 60 min and the top ten contestants in Pühajärve regatta I want to go, did 20-39 min 5 km.

10 km distance warm up on river Emajõgi

As the goal now is 5 km fast kayaking I wanted to see if I am able to kayak 5 km without a stop. And with what time, really. It came out, that I am not THAT bad as I thought from the first training. I actually did 51 min 5 km going upstream. And guess what it took to come downstream another 5 km? This time more tired? 31 minutes. So I am good for that competition! WHohoooo!

You see why I go kayaking?

Here is a video for you at the 5 km stop. You see why I go kayaking? It is so peaceful and beautiful!

This was the return point, I made a 30 sek longer stop (to take the video) and got back to the base.

Section training begins

In any case, from next week I will start “lõigutreening” or section training(? is it called like that) meaning that I will do certain distances with maximum speed and then rest or just paddle very slowly. The aim is to geth the time per distance faster. Very EXCITED!

Keep moving and having a walking lifestyle!

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