Nädal 3 süstatrennis / Week 3 at the kayaking training

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Nädal 3 süstatrennis.

Esmaspäeval täitsin esimese eesmärgi – teha 12km ots (aega kulus 1:45min, vastutuult ja ilma vooluta Emajõel+filmivõtteid tegevad kiirustavad paadid). Peale trenni esimene lause treenerile oli “Ma ei tule homme trenni”. Ta naeris.

Täna sai proovitud ära kolmas paat. Seekord võistlussüst, selline vanem, mis natuke rohkem “stabiilne” on (järgmisel korral ehk saan ka pildi tehtud). Pidevalt meenus lause Matrixist “Everyone falls at the first time”. Well, ma ei kukkunud vette, kuigi terve päev valmistusin selleks ja ka vee peal, kuni kuivale maale astumiseni, olin valmis.

Nüüd peab uue eesmärgi seadma. Oi, ma unustasin, teha eskimo pööre elavas vees.

Las see olla meenutuseks mu talvisest treeningukohast ja -paadist. / Let this be something to remember from my winter-training and training kayak.
Las see olla meenutuseks mu talvisest treeningukohast ja -paadist. / Let this be something to remember from my winter-training and training kayak.

Mis sinu elus toimumas on?


Week 3 at the kayaking training

I achieved my first goal of kayaking training – to do a 12km trip with a hiking kayak. It took 1:45 minutes, but let me just say, it was against the wind and the stream was non-existent. Not to mention speedboats that were speeding and making waves because of a movie shot. The first thing I said to my coach “I am not coming to practice tomorrow”. He smiled.

Today, I reached another “level” by using third boat, this time a competition kayak. The one very thin and unstable (I will try to take a picture next time). I prepared mentally for falling over the whole day. And this sentence form Matrix was constantly in my head “Everybody falls the first time”. Well, I didn’t, though I was ready for it right up until I stepped on dry ground.

Now I’ve got to have a new goal. Oh, I forgot, to do an eskimo roll in live water.

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