Pühajärve regatt 2015 Done

My first competition in sports EVER, incl KAYAKING. DONE. It took one year training to get to the idea of actually doing a competition and 21 focused kayaking trainings to prepare and get the result I got today.

37 minutes

The day was sunny, the hottest day of this summer in Estonia. I think. But it was also windy. They talked about a strong side wind that will hit us on somewhere on 2-3rd km. And it did. And it was all new to have so many people around making waves. I am just an amateur :). Naa, I am actually so happy. Not like I want to dance happy but just, really satisfied. I did not fall! That’s a good start. And I finished – that was my trainers suggestion – just make the 5 kilometers, next year you can compete for the time.

I myself set the 40-50 minutes timeline since the minimum I have made was around 30 on downstream and around 50 upstream (with wind). so the result – shocking 37 minutes, 1st place of women/sea kayakers (114th place in ALL competitors) was a major surprise. Darn good result that made me think about the things I thought were not possible. But that is a story for a new GOAL-setting post.

Few pictures of the competition.

IMGP7295 IMGP7317 IMGP7318 IMGP7330 IMGP7341 IMGP7344 IMGP7347 IMGP7358 IMGP7359

My greatest “thank you”s go to my trainer Henn Hollo from SAK Tartu where I have been training for the past year.

And now it is time to relax, take a break and enjoy the results!
See my full list of kayaking trainings this year+ some trips.

When are you going kayaking?

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