It has been approximately one year now from the time I developed a hobby out of kayaking. It started with eskimo turn in the pool, continued river kayaking in Tartu the whole summer last year and we’ll see what this year will bring. On top of wanting to do the eskimo turn also in the “live” water (still not done), one of my challenges was kayaking in the sea. Luckily I made friends with the owner of EastPole kayaks who has a base in Tallinn, near the sea. So, on one winter day I managed to get there and we went for a 7 km kayaking tour on the sea.

Kayaking on the sea, Tallinn on the background

süstaga merel

To be honest, kayaking on the sea is quite different from the river kayaking. Firstly, you have to always be attentive fr the waves, at least when it is windy. Also, the shore is so far away that it feels completely different than the river where the shore is within reach. At least Emajõgi, where I go training and kayaking in Soomaa. At the same time, I felt safer on the sea! I guess it was the combination of being very attentive and having Ahti next to me.

In any case, it was a new and interesting experience and I can’t wait to go another time.

Let me know how is your #walkinglifestyle going, what hobbies are yo having to keep you going and healthy!

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