Viljandi KV 2017

Last week-end kayaking race happened in Viljandi on a small lake Paala. It was a windy day. 200m sprint was the distance. Last year it was the first race I was in with the old racing kayak. This year it was the first one I went with Nelo WITH the seat on. Yes, its still a thing for me 🙂
Let’s be honest, it was the most embarrassing competition so far. The wind took me off guard and I was shaking the whole way. But I did not fall. Which is not a good thing to point out. . .

But, here’s some pictures. (All pictures here)

Photo by Ene-Ly

It was a long day waiting for competing for just few minutes so I had to do some work. Photo by Ene-Ly



My number is 1 and Eve’s 2.
Warm up 🙂 Foto by Ene-Ly

After competition. Not so happy.

Sigrid and Eve kicked a** on women doubles.

Keep yourself posted on my kayaking events and progress.

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