I have worked in PR and communication for over 6 years now. Quite in the beginning I started researching, training and blogging about personal branding and career management in general. This grew into a privately held PR company. Whatever the communication service I provide, it will always have the uniqueness of focusing the personal wishes, dreams and aspirations of the person and his/her team to help them follow their lifestyle and personal goals. You can see more about the company and services at Personal Branding Agency website. You can also read my blog in Estonian and in English.

(Lifestyle) Coaching

As you are here, in my lifestyle website, I want to invite you and inspire you to find your lifestyle that allows you to live in a way that you always thought of. And if you don’t know or have not dared to find out, hat life you could have lived, let us find it together.

Work with me to:

  • find your inner goals, strengths and what it is you should be doing to have a happy life(style);
  • to make a plan on how you could have a balanced lifestyle and how to reach your goals;
  • get advice on career, business and leadership decisions;
  • get practical tips on personal branding and marketing your skills;
  • get help in raising your game, to perform better in sport, in business and in your personal development;
  • get support to really get what you want in your work and life.

We will work over e-mails and Skype on a timeline that suits our fun lifestyles ;). Or we will find a country where we are at the same time ;).

Contact for an lifestyle coaching appointment:


Let me use the words of Ellen DeGeneres and I am looking forward to meeting you!

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