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It seems like my blog is mostly about tennis or food nowadays. Is it cool with you, my dear readers? Because it really about achieving one’s dreams. Thnigs change, opportunities come again after a while. You know the saying about love? “If you love someone, let them go. If they come back, you know they really love you” (well, I have my reservations in that matter, but let’s forget it for now).

Tennis is one of the things that has been like a shadow for most of my life. That I have told already.

Last days I have spent watching some local tournaments in tennis. I really enjoyed watching Martin Karis and his style of tennis and also Tuule Tani’s style – I would love to play tennis with her once. It was interesting to see the leg work – that is what truly makes a difference.
Today I also had my first “game” with my trainer. Well, I did manage to get one point ( it is highly questionable how much he let it happen). But it was truly FUN. I don’t think I have felt as alive for a long time. I am much better in technique then I was only 6 lessons before. The training is fun. By the way, International Tennis Federation has launched a campaign “Play and stay” to promote tennis as a great exercise for all kinds of people. So if you need a great training then tennis is it – you do not have to start with the hardest balls and heaviest racket.

Anyways, I am still open for suggestions for sparring partners in Tartu. I am almost good enough to offer myself to actually play a game. Next week we set the time to play on sandy ground and concentrate on the game on points to get the true feeling.

I would actually really like if you would let me know what you expect from this blog – cos it has been a mess lately :). You know my email 😉

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