Connie in her Zumba element.
Connie in her Zumba element.

Connie Bakke Bolstad: Zumba is my life, me-time and part-time-job.

I met Connie some 12 years ago when I lived in Norway. She was a teenager in my youth exchange projects and we became friends pretty quickly. Already then she had a thing for dancing and music. She was VERY good at dancing! So we had a lot of fun with that, mostly her teaching me moves. Throughout the years, she has always kept the passion for dancing that now have all combined to her becoming a Zumba instructor. She has this real African energy and the way she does her dance moves, I am pretty sure that her one-year visit to Africa helped to shape that. Now she is teaching it to Norwegians and bringing that warm sunshine to their moves ;). Here is a little story why Zumba is a perfect fit for her. Maybe you will try it out also?

1. Please introduce yourself: who are you?

I am 29 years old, I live in Bergen, Norway. I live with my boyfriend, our 2 year old boy and a crazy dog who I spend my free time with. Since I was a teenager I have worked with volunteer organisations and now I am assistant in a school, while studying part time at university level to get my Bachelors degree on management. I want to study organaising and coaching of volunteers. And of course, I also give Zumba lessons in several places in Bergen.

2. What part does Zumba have in your life?

Zumba in my life is my me-time and a part-time job, I do it for fun. When I am teaching Zumba – the music takes control, and nothing else matters cause you just have to follow the rhythm.

3. Why do you do Zumba?

I grew up in a small community with a grassroots sports club as one of the few spare time activities. There I was given the chance to dance and develop as a dance instructor from the leader of the club. He also made it possible for me to take some courses in aerobics. This gave me the opportunity to develop myself as a confident instructor. I always loved dancing, but we did not have any classes around to join, so I started them myself.

I was introduced to Zumba over a glass of red wine with my cousin at 2010, who persuaded me to come with her and try. My mother in law also wanted me to join, and even paid the class fee as a gift. After 1 session I knew – This is what i want to do!
It was like a dream come true, finally a training form that fit me perfectly with the best music and rhythms, and possibilities to make your own style and anywhere in the world.

I became an instructor in June the same year. I took a course in Oslo by Jenna Bostic, a Zumba education specialist from USA. In August I started teaching Zumba at Flaktveit Idrettsklubb in Åsane, Bergen.

4. Your favorite/memorable experience with Zumba?

connie in Africa
My most memorable Zumba Fitness was in Zambia, when working there as a volunteer. We were doing a sports day for the International Women’s Day 8 March, and I was doing Zumba as a warm up for everyone. When the girls from Kaunda Square Sport club and other NGO`s where joining and music booming over the sports arena, everyone joining with their own style and energy, its was amazing!

5. Why should anyone try Zumba?

1. soooo fun
2. very good work-out
3. fantastic music
4. happy people

6. Suggestions to those who are looking for a new hobby or are starting with Zumba.

Zumba fitness builds on a set of ”basic steps”, if your practice some at home from DVD or Youtube, you can get more out of your first class. I also recommend going 2-3 times to a class to get a good try of it before you decide.

You can do Zumba anywhere in the world, over 15 000 000 do it in 180 countries, at 200 000 locations. To start your Zumba take a bottle of water, some shoes good for dancing, and come and join the party. Dont be afraid of being judged, my experience and feedback from participants is that there is only time to move 😉 not to judge and look at others.

Any other thoughts, suggestions?

zumba connie bolstadTo find a class near you can chek or download the app. I you want to practice some of the moves you can practice at home with DVDS or youTube – just search “Zumba” and you will find many options.

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