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Controversy in Training

How is it possible, that I manage to walk 11 hours on real mountains without too much of a pain and yet get so tired after 10 minutes of biking in the gym? Mass psychosis! In the gym you are alone, on the 7 mountain hike you are with 8000 people. Thats my answer.

My annual week of training has started, plan is to go for two trainings+ gym every day. Today was back streching and Zumba. Finally will see what the fuss is all about.

I will do excercises for shoulders and the surroundings to strengthen the muscels I use for tennis. Already had a stretch because of heavy tennis playing.

It has been almost half a year once a week of playing with my trainer. I think I have a great first hand – feels so natural and graceful most of the time. Still can’t play the ball exactly where I want, mostly where my trainer is (so it is great to play with me – I play the ball right to your hands). My back hand needs a lot of warming up before the real feeling comes. I always feel like my left hand’s shoulder is in the way. But with one hand, the right one on back hand (which comes also very naturally), the through is too weak. So got to practice that, I know I can, cos I have done it.

Need to practice:
* speed – very clumsy with short balls, I have this second where I start deciding and then it is too late to run. For competition, this is a must to learn – fast feet-work.
* the journey of the ball – how to know, where the ball is heading and how I should position myself with the ball. I come too close or don’t manage to get close enough.
* and backhand.

I Love Tennis. It still keeps me going, I need to hold on another half a year, then we will see, what is the result and if there is any chance for me to start competing.

So all who want to play tennis with me, please call, I need a good sparring partner.


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