Estonian Showdance Cup 2010

One of my dreams has been to be a dancer. Yes, actually that was my first training –  a ballroom dancer. Second was tennis, then karate, if I am not wrong.

Since dancing Latin-American dances or hip-hop which are the two styles I love the most, is difficult when you want to do them visually-watchable, I have skipped. There is a bit lazyness in me still. Luckily I have friends and family who do dance and keep me up to date.

Today I watched and photographed Estonian Showdance Cup 2010 in Tartu and it was FUN. The girl in the first picture was the Star of the Day for me. She stood out from the crowd in a solo and also in the group dance.

 This is my Friend. She is fun to take pictures of. You might have seen some jump pictures of her before.

 One of the funnest group-performances. Starring twins who are just so passionate about dancing it shows in their eyes.

My photos are here

I am quite sure that one day I will be performing as a dancer as well, but until then …

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