Food – gives love and is the only thing that keeps you alive

I love food. I like making it. Even though I hardly ever know what comes out, except for sweet stuff. I love to experiment, try different things, or just the things you have available – and still make the 5* dinner. It is something I learnt from my friends from Chile and France. The food and the vine is there to be enjoyed to experimented, to respected. Especially fresh and quality products. Don’t tell them, but I do love occasional macaroni and ketchup.

In Ibiza, the thing I cannot escape is the smell of fresh products: breads, meat, fruits, coffee, olive oil. It was especially hard when I came here, since I made a fast right when I got here, so my food choice was very limited. With some exceptions. 

Lunch type numero uno

Coffee brought from home, the one I used for my moca maker. SInce I didn’t bring it along, I had to do the students version, and it is not as great … Bought some raw sugar and a milk from here. For my surprise, the milk and yoghurt here is nice = like at home (Danone is internationally known, so that I wasn’t worried about). I also made the food more nutricious with my mom biscuits. Yep, that was a biscuit from all kinds of yummi stuff that I always ask my mom to do when there is something important happening. But, since they were fresh from oven and I put them in my luggage with lots of other things, they did not survive. But the taste was amazing anyway.
Lunch type numero dos

So, time to go to a lighter food before the full fast. I did not have any more of the muesli and got some fresh lemons from my local friend’s garden. So I ate lemon with brown sugar and some toast integral. One plate a day+lemon tee. But what a view from my balcony, ey?
The final dinner
My Spanish teacher Alberto suggested to go through a nice Spanish study programme by BBC. And I did, and one of the lectures was about food, namely tapas. Among the tapas on the list, I learnt about “gambas al ajillo” and as I love everything prawn-shrimp-like (in Norway it is shrimps with Mills mayonese for me), I had that tapas in my mind, like a splinter. So, the last day before my fast I found this nice bar ses botes where they had the prawns in garlic. What they didn’t mention was that it consisted chili and chili seeds as well. Ayayaya!  All the white bread given on the side was necessary along with the water. But it was worth it. After fast I will do a lot of them my own. Oh yeah!
* represents fast days with no food, only lemon water.
The fast is over now

My friend Fina took me to a nice place in Sta Gertrudis, called Bar Costa, famous for bocadillos, aka sandwiches. I just took coffee, but I noticed the nice pieces of jamón hanging from the ceiling. Next time I will try. The interior of the place was also nice, with a fireplace in the center to warm the place and lovely waiters.

I’ve got the world under my paw – Lion. Love it!

So next it was to get some nice fresh vegetables to get out of the fast nicely. And those weren’t something foreign: cauliflower, carrots, thyme from the yard and I could not NOT get more prawns. Add some rice and we are set.

Butter biscuits I made keeping in mind my dear friends, see more here.

And my Valentine’s Day evening snack

Rosé wine from Ibiza (muy bieno!!), jamón, pineapple, rosted almonds from St Josep. It is the amount of fresh flavours all year round that I love here. I know I am going to miss the fresh things from Estonia, but so far, the loal products that usually have been an exotic and expencive things for me, are totally satisfying my appetite for fresh and healthy things. 
Well, that’s it for the evening. I hope you all had a nice Friend’s day and that you always have something fresh and nice to eat.
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