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Another 366 days has passed. The year has its own flavor, as does every year. 
This year, I’ve come to realize the importance of making good choices, choices that come from your heart. And that making bad choices only prolongs the journey, but in the end, you still get what you want and need. Nothing new, I know, but somehow I forgot that. And it is funny how easy it is to take the bad choice just because we are week to take the good choice we really want and know, is better. Like a late night snack, even though you promised yourself that no cookies after 6pm. 
In the light of this, for the coming days, I wish you all the wisdom and courage of making good (not always right) choices that give meaning to your life and being. 
Here’s a rule for 2013, he rule of three B-s: be Brave, be Bold and have Belief in yourself! 

But as the last day of the 2012 ends, it’s time to wrap things up and leave a mark of reference for a year to come.
My top experiences in 2012:
* I got a cat, Krõõt. It is said that a cat has to come to you. Well, she did. Twice. When it comes to serious decisions, I do not take them lightly, though I am known for my spontaneity and quick judgments. This is a decision that was in one way hard to take, since I knew I will be travelling and not at home that much. But I have my friends and mom to thank, who supported the decision and who have been taking care of her while I was away. One of the best decisions of my life, after a year of living with her, I have not regretted it, not once.
* Organized a conference GeekOut and Check-IN and couple of other fun events. Seems like organizing events is my cup of tea, though I haven’t thought of it like that before. This year I had two big conferences with 250+ and 350+ participants internationally and some minor events like being part of designing a wedding, organizing two bachelorette days, Christmas party and many more. I kind of dig all that seeing-the-big-picture-and-managing-those-little-details. I know I can be a real bruja sometimes, when it comes to details, but having a good team (that I can form myself, that’s another lesson from the year), who is honest, driven and smart, helps a lot. Big events usually are not made alone. You actually can make them alone, but the feeling will not be the same as with a team. I learnt a lot about how team work works and how it doesn’t. Million dollar training.
* Continuing playing tennis. I have been playing tennis from age 8. This is a huge exaggeration, since from 8 to like 28 I actually did not play any tennis. The last year the drive to play it has come back and ended up creating a Facebook page for all of those beginners and not so beginners who look for tennis partners, it actually works. I have taken classes from a trainer, got a brand new Serena Williams’ Wilson tennis racquet, some theory books and some sparring partners. My trainer makes jokes about me becoming a trainer myself (well, I have brought a lot of new people to the floor…), that would be awesome. Those who don’t know, teach, right? 
* Making a dream come true and visiting Ibiza. Yep. What happened in Ibiza, well, stays in Ibiza. I still am not able to put the experience into words. I wasn’t there during the party time, I did not drive around in sports cars and was not drinking cool and strong drinks every day. But I did meet the locals, heard their stories, saw the sunset, felt the tranquility and it was like all the things I could not believe before, started to show that they are real. The good stuff. The bad stuff and beliefs were taken away. Literally. The place has a mojo of its own.
* Deciding on a turn of page – taking a one-way trip with my cat. It was another long decision, but it came quite easily. I am going back to Ibiza, since I have realized I am a person who is constantly on the move. Since another thing I realized is that I need to oversee all the things I am working on – namely, work itself and why the heck I am doing it. I have loved pretty much anything I have decided to do, but there have been cases that hit me like … I don’t know. Anyway, it made me doubt the people I am with and the reasons I was where I was. All that needs to be made piece with and move on. And there is no better time and place then now and Ibiza to get some new habits. 

SO that was shortly my 366 days of 2012. Stressful, lots of responsibilities, and closing all the things I have done for 30 years. What will 2013 bring, we will see in a day now. Happy celebrating!

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